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Vermontville Township Library

Circulation Policy

A library’s purpose is to provide materials for public use.  In order to provide wide access to library materials, the Vermontville Township Library Board will set policies for: length of loan period, renewals, reserves, fines, fees, and limits.

Library Cards

·       The Vermontville Township Library will issue a library card at the cost of $.50, to any resident of Vermontville, Kalamo or Chester Township, showing a valid Michigan Driver’s License, or a Michigan Identification card.  Residents of other areas will be charged a Non-Resident Fee of $25.00 per year, per household. This fee will be waived for area students.  The library reserves the right to waive the fee in cases of hardship.

·       Patron using area campgrounds as their home address shall be limited to a total of two items checked out at one time.  No DVD’s or audio books will be allowed.

·       Minors who wish to obtain their own library card must be able to give their parent’s name, their address, phone number and date of birth.  It is recommended that children under the age of 6 have their books checked out by a parent. 

·       Upon issuance of this card, patrons will be allowed to check out a total of three items at a time until a period of six months has passed.  The library reserves the right to lift this restriction at any time for patrons who continually return items on time, and who do not let items reach overdue status during the six month restriction period.

·       Replacement cards will cost .50.

Revisions adopted April 2012

Loan Periods

       Books, periodicals and Audio books are checked out for a period of 1 month. 

       Rental DVD’s are checked out for 3 days at the cost of $2.00. Free DVD’s are checked out for 1 week.

     Minors are allowed to check out DVD’s only if a parent has signed a permission slip, which will be kept on file in the library.

     When School assignments create a heavy demand for limited materials, the library reserves the right to put such materials on reserve, and/or limit the loan period or the number of items borrowed, as appropriate. 

     The library may permit overnight circulation of some reference materials when other means of satisfying user need are not possible through photocopies, regular circulating materials etc. The loan period is limited to the hours during which the library is closed.


     Materials may be renewed by phone, online through the Destiny Circulation Program, or in person, providing that the item is not on reserve for another patron. 

    Items may only be renewed once by phone, or online through the Destiny Circulation Program.  Second renewals, if needed, must be done in person, with the materials present at the library.


Requests for items to be put on reserve may be done by phone, online through the Destiny Circulation Program, or in person.

Revisions adopted March 2009

Overdue Items

·       On the 31st day of checkout, a book, periodical or audio book is considered overdue.

·       On the 4th day of check out a rental DVD is considered overdue, fines will begin to accumulate.

·       On the 8th day of check out a FREE DVD is considered overdue, and fines will begin to accumulate.

  • Anyone who has overdue materials will not be allowed to check out any other materials until the materials are replaced, returned or paid for.  Lost or Damaged materials will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.

  • Patrons with an email account on file will receive automatic notices in their inbox.  This is system generated, and will continue until the matter is resolved.  This notification does not exempt you from the following procedures.

·       There will be two attempts made by the library for return of the overdue item.

o   Phone Call  

o   Bill for the replacement cost of the item plus a $10.00 processing fee per item

·       After an item is 30 days overdue, a final notice will be sent.  If after ten days there is no attempt to resolve the account, the materials will be considered stolen property, and the issue will be turned over the to the Eaton County Economic Crimes Unit for recovery.

·       The library reserves the right to accept an exact duplicate of the item in lieu of the original materials, plus the $10.00 processing fee.

·       Chronic abuse of the loan period will result in restriction of the number of items allowed to that patron. Restriction will be at the discretion of the librarians. 

Revisions adopted November 2012


·       The Vermontville Township Library does not charge fines on overdue books.

·       Fines are charged on overdue rental DVD’s at the rate of $2.00 per every 3 days.

·       Fines charged on overdue FREE DVD’s at the rate of $1.00 per week.

·       If a patron has any overdue videos or late fees on record, the patron will be restricted.  The patron will not be allowed to check out additional materials until the overdue materials are returned, and all overdue fines are paid.

Vermontville Township Library

Vermontville Township Library
120 E. First Street, P.O. Box G, Vermontville, MI 49096

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Phone: 517-726-1362
Fax: 517-726-1362

Tuesday  1 PM-8 PM

(from November to April the library closes at 7 PM)

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 AM-6 PM

Saturday 9 AM-1 PM

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