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Vermontville Township Library

Internet and Computer Use Policy

 Vermontville Township Library

Internet and Computer Use Policy

Special information concerning Wireless Internet Access

The library provides free wireless unfiltered access points at the library for public Internet access. These access points will allow users to connect to the Internet from their laptop computers when sitting within range of the access points.

Wireless users agree to abide by the Library’s Internet Safety Policy and the Electronic Information Access Policy while using the Library’s wireless network. Wireless users are subject to applicable portions of this policy, including the sections concerning inappropriate or illegal usage, copyright issues, and use by children. 

Users are responsible for configuring their own equipment. The library does not provide technical support for establishing or maintaining a connection nor equipment configurations. The library is not responsible for any changes made to an individual computer’s settings and does not guarantee that a user’s hardware will work with the library’s wireless connection.

The Library is not responsible for any personal information (e.g., credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking. All wireless access users are individually responsible for maintaining up-to-date virus protection on personal laptop computers or wireless devices.

Internet and Computer Use Rules

Age requirements

Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian signature on their Internet Use Agreement Form. This permission slip must be presented in person by the custodial parent or guardian that signed it.  Minors wishing to access Face Book or My Space must have a signed permission slip on file.

Checkout Times

Computer users will be asked to wash their hands before using the equipment.

Computer users will be advised that the computers will be shut down one half hour before closing time.  Patrons are limited to two 30 minute blocks of computer access per day. A waiting list will be kept by the librarians at the desk when necessary.  Users in the computer area may be granted extensions to their current session for work involving time consuming tasks (taxes, job applications) at the discretion of the library staff. The Library cannot guarantee that users will have enough time to complete online tasks.  Time limits may be adjusted for these patrons to allow completion of their project.

Behavior and Conduct

When using a computer station, please be courteous to other users and those waiting for an open station. We ask that users respect the privacy of others both in the Library and online. If you have passed your time limit and other patrons are waiting for computer access, you will be automatically logged off. Users may not switch between computers without first signing off of their current computer.

General usage

The Library is not responsible for interruptions to Internet service beyond our control, including but not limited to problems with network lines and web servers, hardware failures, power outages, or any other problems with the Internet outside of our facilities. Problems with hardware and software in the Library will be dealt with as staff and time permit.

In the event that deliberate misuse results in damage to Library computer equipment, the library will hold the user(s) liable for any necessary repair/replacement costs.

Installed Software and Hardware

All desktop public workstations currently run Windows XP SP2, with Internet Explorer 8 as the available web browser. Anti-virus software is used on all machines. Additional software includes Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash & Shockwave browser plug-ins. Microsoft Office 2007 is installed on the public computers, offering Word, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Laptop computers A,B, & C run Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash and Shockwave browser plug-ins, and Internet Explorer 8 as the available web browser.

Laptop computers D, E, F & G run Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash and Shockwave browser plug-ins, and Internet Explorer 8 as the available web browser.

Users may request the addition, by Library staff, of content-specific software or "plug-ins" if it is required to view a website that does not violate our Internet use policy. The Library does not offer support to patrons who are having difficulties with software and/or services which violate any portion of this policy, and cannot guarantee that other requested software will be installed or supported.

Browsing Limits and Filters

Library Catalog stations are limited to the online-catalog and related online and electronic resources. Web-based email access may be available on these computers if all public Internet stations are in use.

The internet stations are filtered using K9 Web Protection software.  Patrons are expected to know what is and is not appropriate for viewing in a library setting. It is not possible for the Library to monitor and control information on the Internet; therefore, the Library cannot be held responsible for information obtained through the Internet, or any consequences arising from such use. In addition, illegal use of Library computers may also be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities, and will be reported by the Library to the appropriate authorities. The Library cooperates fully with legal investigations regarding computer use.


The Library does not provide e-mail service to patrons. If patrons have Web-based email accounts (i.e. accounts with Yahoo or Hotmail) they may access them from the public Internet stations. Patrons may also sign up for these free services while at the Library. Email services which require the use of a separate program such as Microsoft Outlook are not accessible. The use of public computers for sending unsolicited email ("spam") is expressly prohibited; any users found to be engaging in this or any other illegal activity will have their Internet privileges permanently revoked.

Security and Privacy Issues

The Library temporarily stores a daily URL history of all websites visited. This is used to evaluate computer usage statistics and the effectiveness of our filtering and security measures, and as a means of enforcing and determining the validity of claims involving breeches of our Internet Use Policy. The URL history records do not include patron information.


The Library uses a networked printer system. Patrons are able to print documents from any computer, then pick up their printouts at the circulation desk. Printouts currently cost $.50/page for black & white printouts (default) and $1.00/page for color printouts (regardless of page content). Patrons are responsible for all pages printed. If you have questions about printing procedures, please ask a staff member before you print. In the event of a printer malfunction, patrons will not be charged for unusable printouts.

Help and Technical Support

Library staff members are usually available for Internet and computer assistance, although they may not be familiar with every application patrons want to use, and every situation which may arise. In cases where in-depth instruction is needed, Library staff will attempt to provide further resources for users to study.

Policies which apply to the purchase and circulation of Library materials do not apply to the Internet.

Library staff members reserve the right to override this policy in exceptional situations.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in a loss of Internet privileges.

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